Wednesday, August 4, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Sailing!

Yes, it’s hard to believe that this writer—author of girlie-girl books such as “French Women Don’t Sleep Alone” --is actually heading off to sea aboard the R/V Knorr for ten days in the chilly New England waters. But, it’s true!

The cruise is actually called KNR 198-
10. Très official! And I’ve been invited to come along as a journalist/blogger to report on all the adventures as these top scientists explore the planet’s past climate by collecting cores from locations such as WHOI’s line W array, south of the Cape and Islands and the Jordan Basin.

And, as I understand it--there are multiple moorings and sediment traps that will be recovered, analyzed and measured. These sentiment cores have been sitting underneath the ocean’s surface, gathering a whole lot of important information about climate change—both past and present. This is a really big deal because it’ll help us uncover some of the mysteries about what’s going on in our climate!

Hmm…sentiment cores…I’m not sure, but I suspect this means a whole lot of mud! (I will let you know in the coming days.)

I know, I know—it’s hard to believe I’m actually doing this, since I’m generally the kind of gal who likes to play it safe. You know--sit in my little studio at home and peck away at my laptop all day, writing books about French Women, romance, lingerie and dinner parties.

Speaking of dinner parties—that’s how this opportunity of a lifetime came about! There I was with my husband-scientist, Dr. William G. Thompson (okay, Bill). I was listening to all the WHOI scientists talk about their adventures in climate change research on the high seas and I blurted out: “I want to go on one of the cruises!” I thought nobody was listening, but then one day, Dr. Lloyd Keigwin, who is the Chief Scientist on the KNORR asked me if I really wanted to go on a cruise and I said, mais oui! I mean, are you kidding!? Yes!

Well, it took some time, but voila! It happened and here I am! Ready to board ship--as a guest blogger.

These boots where made for sailing (oh, and mud!)

(Photos of me and WHOI Stock Room Manager, Sam Lomba, taken by Tom Kleindinst)


  1. How lucky they are to have you on board Jamie. A toast of champagne to a fabulous voyage.

  2. Jamie, you are too fun! Watch out! I hear sharks love red lipstick!

  3. OOOhhh, so can I borrow those espadrilles while you're away!? ;-) Have a GREAT trip--can't wait to hear all about it when we meet up with Alex & Baby James

  4. Oh, I just realized you gals left comments! Thank you so much. Laurie, the champagne will have to wait until I hit land because we have a "zero tolerance for alcohol aboard the Knorr." Kathy, no sharks in sight, but there have been dolphin sightings! They love red lipstick too. And Alex--yes, the espadrilles are yours for the taking! Can't wait to see you and Baby James when I return. Oh, and please tell the folks at CAI about the blog! Love you all, Cap'n Jamie

  5. Hmmm - have they invented matching bra and knickers in yellow oilskin??

  6. Is that the Cape of Good Hope you're off to?
    I'm worried...they have some mighty fine wines in Capetown I've heard.
    Bon Voyage Jamie!!!